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Lotus Light makes a
great piano light.

lotus light bag
Both models come with a padded travel pouch.

Rechargeable Lithium Battery Powered

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The first thing you will notice when using Lotus Light is the quality of the light itself. We use special LEDs which diffuse the light so there are no hot spots or voids. These LEDs produce a natural, pure white color. It is not yellow like an incandescent bulb. It is not blue like fluorescent light or cheaper LEDs. Our LEDs produce the same color spectrum as sunlight.

Lotus Light on Stand


The battery level indicator lights blink when you turn the light on. Each light represents about 1/3 of the battery power so when the first light goes out you have about 2/3 of the total run time remaining.


The 10" long flexible arm allows you to direct the light exactly were you want it... and it is stiff enough to stay put. The length allows the light to be high enough to not interfere with page turns.

Lotus LIght - no replacing batteries


Lithium polymer batteries have big advantages over older style batteries. Most lights use disposable alkaline batteries which are costly and toxic to the environment. Lithum polymer batteries pack the most power into the least space and they retain their charge when not being used. You can count on having a fully charged Lotus Light whenever you need it.


Lotus Light Circuit Board


Our engineers designed a "smart" circuit board which controls the charging and the discharging of the battery. It uses a "rapid" charging chip so you can recharge the battery in less than 3 hours. A voltage regulator controls the current going to the LED array to maintain constant light output. All other lights gradually get dimmer as the batteries run down.

Lotus Light with Detatchable Clamp




Like all modern mobile devices, Lotus Light is rechargeable. The lithium polymer battery can be recharged hundreds of times so you don't have to buy new batteries or dispose of old ones.

LEDs are†better for the environment in several ways. They are 10 times more efficient than fluorescent light and they do not†contain harmful mercury. LEDs are about 20 times more efficient than incandescent bulbs. Lotus Light uses only 2 watts of power but produces about the same amount of light as a 40-watt bulb. Because LEDs are so efficient, they†do not get hot like other bulbs.The LEDs in Lotus Light will last for decades.† With a service rating of 50,000 hours you could use Lotus Light 4 hours every day for over 35 years.†


Lotus Light with Detatchable Clamp


Our clamp design makes Lotus Light more useful.The padded jaws open wide enough to fit on wooden music stands and piano rests. The preloaded torsion spring provides a good grip on thin metal stands.

The clamp can be detached from the battery case which makes it more versatile and useful for other applications. We can also provide a docking plate for mounting the light without using the clamp.

power supply


Your Lotus Light comes with a specially designed AC adaptor for charging the lithium polymer battery. It automatically switches to match the current you plug into (110 to 250 volt) so you can use it anywhere in the world. For added convenience we designed the power supply with an extra long cord.

usb compatible cordNow with USB compatible cord!
Allows you to charge the light from any USB cell phone charger or computer port.


into Gig bag
*drummer Luke Anderson's
"bag of tricks"


Lotus Light is compact and the LEDs are not fragile. You can throw it in your instrument case or gig bag.

into Gig bag






Makes it easy to charge up to 15 lights at a time from 1 outlet.


Also available:
Charging Road Case.






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Both models include travel pouch and power supply.

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